2 thoughts on “Bogor Cemetery

  1. Hi,
    I see the the dilapidated homes of where I came from and look around my home office of where I am today. We have it so good and are an extremely blessed people. The sacrifice my parents made when they moved 10 of us kids to the United States was a bold move. They are both in heaven, I think they can see that their sacrifice paid off in leaving a legacy that I can be proud of and pass on to the next generation.

    I hope you know that all this history you are sharing with me, has filled the missing piece of a puzzle for me. Thank you so much!!


    1. I take a great deal of pleasure in writing about this part of my life and the other travels that surround it. I am so glad you are enjoying what I have to say and that I am able to assist in filling in some puzzle pieces.


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