1 thought on “Ahwahneechee Indians

  1. Some people claim that Francisco Georgely, a Chowchilla Indian, might have been a Yosemite chief, but he had no official title as Captain or Chief. Georgely moved from his tribal area, around 1900, up to the foothills near Yosemite to work in the park. He would work in Yosemite for the summer than return to the Fresno Flats area, which was a Yokut area. He was married to Susie, a Chukchansi Yokut.
    Francisco Georgely dressed in a combination of different tribal clothing. Yokuts, Paiute magpie feather Headdress. He wears a typical sash worn by Central California tribal groups. In other photos Georgely wears a traditional Yokut, Paiute twined eagle feather dance kilt.
    Here is the Barbour Treaty signed by the Cassons principal chief Tomquit. (remember that a lot of the Southern Sierra Miwuks are from this Yokut group and not Miwoks)


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