Countries Traveled

Since 1986 I have traveled to and written about the following countries, all of which are in, or will be in, this blog. Click on the link to go to all relevant posts for that country.

List of Continents and Countries

TibetAsia and the Middle East

Israel  Syria  Lebanon
Cambodia  Indonesia  India  Nepal  Tibet  Bangladesh  Myanmar  Thailand  Laos  Vietnam   Malaysia  Singapore

Cape of Good HopeAfrica

South Africa  Botswana  Zimbabwe  Zambia  Namibia  Egypt


OutbackAustralasia (Oceania)

New Zealand  Australia  Fiji

Jung FrauEurope

England  Scotland  Wales
Austria  Belgium  France  Luxembourg  Netherlands  Spain  Germany  Italy  San Marino  Greece  Albania  Yugoslavia  Bulgaria  Turkey  Liechtenstein  Switzerland  Monaco  Vatican City

Monument ValleyNorth America and Caribbean

United States  Canada  Jamaica  Cuba


IpanemaSouth America

Brazil  Colombia  Ecuador  Peru  Bolivia  Chile  Argentina  Paraguay  Uruguay   Mexico  Belize  Guatemala



9 thoughts on “Countries Traveled

  1. Hey Tim, I am in Uganda and yesterday I passed across a restaurant titled Slow boats and you know what I thought about. I wont tell you. Maybe I will step out of my ordinary and blog a bit on Uganda using your writing as a foundation.


    1. I look forward forward to hearing what you have to say Welli. I have never been to Uganda but feel a kinship now that I know there is a restaurant there called “Slow Boats” 🙂


  2. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for responding on my Sailors Tales Blog. I like your blog. It celebrates the type of slow travel I like, in which I can get a “glimpse of the underglimmer.” Looks like we have a lot in common. I began traveling the world, mostly via sailboat, during 1999. My husband Gunter had backpacked around the world in the seventies. This time, having just retired, we had a 43-foot ocean-going catamaran built for us in the south of France and set off from there to sail around the world. Eight years later, we returned back to the same dock after sailing to 62 countries. Take a look at my website also, at I’ve written the first two of a trilogy about our adventures.
    Good traveling!


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