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Temples of Angkor

flattiresansslowboats.comI am going all out tomorrow with my temple exploration. I hired a tuk-tuk driver today named “Tea”, but I call him T for short, to take me around Angkor for a couple of days.

We sat for a few minutes this afternoon and went over the itinerary, making changes and perfecting it for maximum temple exposure. Plus we haggled price.

He is picking me up at 5am. Yep, that’s in the wee hours. Thank you jet lag! On a non-jet lag day that kind of early rise would be almost impossible. With jet lag, I am already up and about, showered and ready to face the day.

At 4:45am I looked out over the veranda into the pitch darkness. Silhouetted against the backdrop of the river was T; yawning and waving me down.

Sunrise over Angkor Wat was the purpose of the early departure.

With 3 day pass in hand I was dropped at the main gate to Angkor Wat, walked in complete darkness over the wet and slippery stone bridge. This spans the moat that surrounds the temple. It is a good 250 yards long if it isn’t more. Navigating the bridge in the darkness was challenging and if you went too close to the edge Continue reading Temples of Angkor