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All Aboard to Bogor

The Ekonomi TrainTaking the local “Ekonomi” train from Jakarta to Bogor allows you to experience the journey as if you commuted on a daily basis. The 40 minute trip (turned out to be 80) cost 2000 rupiah which is the equivalent of 21 cents US and lived up to all possible cliche’s regarding train travel in developing countries.

On this I won’t dwell just be assured that time was spent in the company of some of God’s smaller creatures as well as a packed house of those he created in his image.

Including all manner of vendors and panhandlers.

The train was at times like a sausage with slits in the side where people would ooze out the open doors; the room inside was only for those that did not hold fresh air at a premium. Those hanging onto the sides Continue reading All Aboard to Bogor