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Tales of Two Cities Cirebon and Semarang


Cirebon MarketWhile in Cirebon I had a moment of weakness. I would later have another in Malang and some have already busted my chops for that meal at McDonald’s. But this was Cirebon. I never go here at home but now that I am in a far away corner of the world I seem to have the need. Dunkin Donuts to the rescue.

Hey, I’m told they have great coffee!

The coffee and donuts are the same price as back in the US so it’s not hard to figure that I was the only one in there. I was lured in by my need for cool air and wifi. The thought being I could catch up on email; it was ridiculously hot outside.

The kind of heat that saps your energy and makes all your limbs feel limp and in need of a pool with lounge chair. You sweat profusely and your forehead drains salty droplets directly into your eyes. You wipe those away with an equally lubricated hand intensifying Continue reading Tales of Two Cities Cirebon and Semarang

The Prides of Cirebon

CirebonThe trip to the coastal town of Cirebon, famous for its distinctive masks and batiks, takes about four hours and winds through some of the most stunning scenery in Java.

Rice fields terrace down the sides of mountains, palm trees and fruit stands dot the roadside, rivers meander through valleys, and tea plantations along with reminders of their heritage, cover every hill along the way.

The result is a road trip that takes you from traffic laden Bandung to rural Java and on to the laid back, border-line sleepy town of Cirebon.

I say sleepy in a good way.

After the chaos of Jakarta, Cirebon is virtually snoring…but at the same time it’s refreshing, relaxing, and peaceful.

The absence of taxis took me a bit by surprise when first arriving but I quickly figured out that getting around is easy.  Public transportation comes in many forms Continue reading The Prides of Cirebon