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Broadening Horizons

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ― Dr. Seuss

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would like to take you back in time; probably before some of you reading this were even born. But if you indulge me, I will tell you what set me off on this path of world exploration. I’m sure my reasons back then are probably not that different from your reasons today.

It’s 1985, keep that in mind. I have a job at the investment firm “Broadbank”, where I worked as a loan officer.  I had a cubicle but by today’s standards it was an office. Plush ruby-red carpet, dark wood furniture, five-line intercom, and a lion pawed coat rack standing guard in the corner; right next to the entrance.

Along the right side, from floor to ceiling, was a bank of windows that looked out onto the historic Strand Arcade. The arcade acted as a pedestrian artery through which pedestrians could walk from Queen to Elliott Streets. It was lined on both sides by shops lending themselves to nostalgia; in appearance only.

My desk was a place for writing then organizing paperwork and forms. It was a place where clients would sign documents and I would double-check the amortization results of my calculator.  Continue reading Broadening Horizons

July 1969

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!  Dr. Seuss

1969 Leabank Primary SchoolTo ponder why we travel and from where the passion to explore is derived is a complex question; often not determined by one quick answer. For me, and I would guess for many, it would be easy to give all credit in the direction of one or both parents however just as often influences can be found in a multitude of experiences occupied by our youth.

In primary school I had a teacher, Mr. Tooze, who introduced me to the life and culture of Hong Kong’s Junk Boat citizenry.  For a couple of weeks Mr. Tooze worked our imaginations into a frenzy as we drew pictures, crafted stories, encouraged our study, and read about life in the harbor of Hong Kong.

I was mesmerized. I still have vivid memories of my romantic and innocent imagination as I envisioned my own life on board a junk boat. Never setting foot on land and living in tune with the ebb and flow of the ocean tide. Walking with buoyancy to allow my knees the ability to bend and flex along with the rolling of the sea.  Continue reading July 1969

Beckoned Skyward by an Earthquake

Tsunami 2004In the early morning hours of Sunday, December 26th 2004 an earthquake of epic proportions struck below the ocean floor just off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.

The resulting tsunami devastated fourteen countries and claimed the lives of over 230,000 people as this multi-directional force powered its way across the Indian Ocean.

The earthquake registered a magnitude of 9.3 and is the third largest earthquake ever recorded. The duration of the quake was longer than any other ever observed and triggered several more earthquakes around the planet.

The world citizenry responded with a humanitarian effort unlike any seen before and eventually donated more than $14 billion to the region, countries, and people affected.  Continue reading Beckoned Skyward by an Earthquake

The Embryo of Adventure

Turtles on the GoOne of the most important aspects of travel is knowing where you are heading next. Having a “next” journey in the hopper is a sure-fire way of mitigating the blues which, if you’re like me, you descend into rapidly at the conclusion of any adventure.

It seems obvious that this pearl of wisdom would not need to be reinforced in the psyche of like-minded travelers. That any adventure seeking, global explorer would not have this deeply embedded in his of her DNA seems ludicrous.

Yet, I can sit here and tell you in all honesty that the obvious was lost on me.

At least for a while.

Driving from Ubud to the airport in Bali was a slow, winding, jaunt through a landscape I love.  I could see the tunnel of “departure depression” opening up and beginning the agonizingly slow process of devouring me.  As we climbed the hill through the center of Klungkung it dawned on me.  Continue reading The Embryo of Adventure

Why I Like To Travel

flattiresandslowboats.comI am not really sure of the exact moment when my thoughts turned to exploring the world. What I do know is that I always loved geography and therefore travel seems like a natural progression of that. My first trip was at the age of two and I am guessing that must have set the tone. Not that this is a vivid memory or anything!

I distinctly remember telling a friend when I was in my teens that my life was going to be an adventure and that the adventure had not yet started. I figured at 22 I would open the door to the world and step through.

Travel has never been a scary option; kind of the opposite really. Normal things like buying a house or ideas like “working toward retirement”, or statements like “trip of a lifetime” have always sent a chill of fear up my spine like no other.  Rejected by me and left in the ether for others better able to deal with these situations. Continue reading Why I Like To Travel