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Felucca on the Nile

One of the great journey’s to be had while in Egypt is to travel the length of the Nile, south to north, on board a traditional sailing vessel known as a felucca. 

FeluccaAswan is a small Egyptian city relatively close to the border with Sudan.  Surrounding the city are rocky hills, almost pink in color; one of which contains the mausoleum of Aga Khan lll, the 48th Imam, who died in 1957.

The Blue Nile cuts through Aswan’s center and under the bright midday sun she shimmers and glistens with a gentle relaxed beauty; like that of a tidal pool or crater lake. The water itself reflecting the appearance of a thousand diamonds mounted atop a vast fluid sapphire.

Dotted throughout this section, the river hosts dozens of tree covered islands that lend further to its overall allure; enhancing the richness of a land once ruled by pharaohs and sultans with their hoards of gold encrusted jewels.

Aswan proved to be a city that appreciated a more relaxed way of life. The polar opposite of its big brother Cairo.  Here you can stroll down the boardwalk alongside the Nile and even though hawkers still attempt to make sales, their numbers are few, and their style less abrasive.

It is a city in the desert and therefore a kind of oasis.  With a river through sand dunes guided by the arch of palm trees; swaying not from wind but from strong thermal currents.  Continue reading Felucca on the Nile