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Stranded At Sea

Koh RongTraveling by sea between islands in any developing country carries with it a certain amount of risk. Whether it be the fast boats on the Mekong, the island hoppers in Indonesia, or the Koh Rong Sihanoukville double decker, overloaded, elevated center of gravity, ferry.

The trip across to Koh Rong had been an adventure even though uneventful. Two older obnoxious Americans, the stereo-typical kind, had very loudly pointed out the sub-standard safety of the vessel.

The high seas and accompanying large waves caused our ship to bobble in the water like an apple in a cask. Tipping did not seem like an unreasonable outcome.

But with that said it was still not something you needed to vocalized the entire two hour journey.

That however was on the way over; not the way back.

The way back started out fine. Continue reading Stranded At Sea

Spooning Strangers

SihanoukvilleMy arrival in Sihanoukville was after a very long and disjointed journey via Phnom Penh. All in all about 15 hours. The first eight hours though were a little more unusual than I was expecting.

In Cambodia there is a bus that connects all the main centers; Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Battambang. It is a special bus.

It’s called the Hotel Bus.

All the regular seats have been replaced by beds; train sleeper-car type of beds. They are arranged in an upper and lower level on both sides of the aisle. Two mattresses per curtained unit. Four mattresses on each level across the width of the bus.

Yes, if traveling alone you spoon with a stranger!

The first stranger I was drafted to join was an older Cambodian man with a quick temper. He was adamant that he was not sharing with me. It may have been because Continue reading Spooning Strangers